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Can human defeat microbes? Yes, we can.

Hard to believe Covid 19 had dominated the world since 2019. Eevn though vaccines are released, we still can’t fully control this disease. Why? Because vaccines are designed to strengthen immunity of healthy people to fight with microorganisms. In other words, vulnerable groups are not covered. Kids, elders, & patients all are desperate for alternative solutions. Since Covid 19 kills people by attacking respiratory system, supplying clean air should be most straight forward remedy. Unfortunately current available air purifier products, focusing on screening PM2.5 dust, can't rival PM0.1 microbes. IADIY implement advanced UVC & photocatalyst technology, which worldwide researchers had validated this is the right technology for sterilization. Product performance are also confirmed by multiple analysis units. No matter you just need a sterilizer to protect family members or try to upgrade existing air cleaner, we are ready to support you. Let's work together to defeat microbes. 

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