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SaniLuc Module naming rule

Product Code Scale Model
SL 40: 40mm PR: Premium
SaniLuc Module 60: 60mm CE: Cost Effective

Mission : DIY makers all dedicate to make the world better.

Feb 2020, Covid19 outbreaks on diamond princess cruise. It’s hard to forget how helpless quarantine passengers and crews are. At that time, we determine to devote photonic expertise to sterilization force. Since research data show traditional screening skill can’t annihilate bacteria effectively, we believe UVC & photocatalyst are the killer technology to hunt virus. Adopt patented layout to integrate UVC and photocatalyst, SaniLuc modules are not only validated with great sterilization performance by SGS, but also address eye safety concern for UV light. 3D extendibility support designers to cover bigger space or shorter time for same disinfection rate. SaniLuc modules are suitable for all indoor applications, including vessels, trains, airports, hospitals, offices, factories, etc. Let’s work together to bring life back.

SaniLuc Module

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