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Purify air smart, not hard !

There are a lot of advantages to live in a big city, except air pollution. Since most pollutants are too tiny to observe, citizen didn't pay too much attention until feeling sick. eg, Allergy is an exaggerated immune response or reaction to substances that are generally not harmful to us. Though it doesn’t sound a big deal, those who suffered itchy eyes, runny nose, & frequent sneezing, know how much it impacts daily life. In addition to ease symptom by prescriptions & pills, patients all knew fresh air is the best remedy. Some volunteers tried to count on air purifiers, but ineffective. That's constraint for screen skill, which adopted by most air purifier products, even though they had done well to filter PM2.5 dust. Researchers had reported VOCs are accountable for most allergy issues and volatile chemical scaling is sub-nanometer. PM0.1 issue can only be addressed by advanced solution. IADIY products, implementing UVC & photocatalyst, are designed to decompose all PM0.1 items, eg VOC, bacteria & viruses. All performance had been validated by trust-able units eg SGS. Shop now and enjoy your healthy happy life.

PM0.1 air purifier

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