Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder

Laser distance measuring modules and laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser range finders, laser distance meters, distance/speed detection devices and laser measuring applications.

IADIY provides laser distance measuring modules and laser range finder modules with a standard interface RS-232 and Bluetooth options making the development and programing of your own  customized application very easy and convenient. We have integrated those key components and major functions in one single compact module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

IADIY also can support any custom modification based on our standard modules and can provide ODM services for laser distance measurers. For any requirement of laser distance modules or laser range finder modules please contact us at:

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Laser Range Finder module 30m, 60m and 100m, I-LRF-30-RS232

Laser Range Finder / Distance Measuring Module    Range: 0.2 - 30 meters; 60m and 100m also available&nbs..