3D ToF Camera

3D ToF Camera

3D ToF Camera product line: USB 3D ToF Camera, NIR TOF Depth Camera module. 

3D Time of Flight sensor technology or 3D ToF Camera is a new technical device using the depth sensor with near infrared(NIR) laser and optical lens to detect the flight time of emitting laser reflected by objects, then transfer to the depth or distance between sensor and objects. It can get the depth data by each pixel and integrate the pixel data of X-Y plan matrix to form a 3D depth image like 2D image plus the depth.

The 3D ToF Camera also called Time of Flight Depth Camera (TOF Depth Camera) can detect and output the 3D data of space. This new technology not only provide the 2D image also the distance data of objects is powerful for 3D applications like to form a 3D shape of object, 3D mapping, motion tracking, gesture and face recognition and so on many industries applications.

IAdiy provides USB 3D ToF Camera can plug and play directly, also the ToF Depth camera module with a standard USB 2.0/3.0 interface options making the development programming of your own customized application very easy and convenient. We also support any custom modification based on our standard modules and can provide ODM services for 3D depth camera. For any requirement of 3D ToF camera, TOF depth sensor modules or 3D camera modules please contact us at: sales@iadiy.com 

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USB 10K 3D ToF Camera – TOF1V86P10K

Features:9.6K(160x60) 3D ToF Sensor epc635Lenses Type: Fixed Focus- Standard: FOV(D)86° - H: 81°, V: 32°- Optional: ..