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Accessories and Screw Kits

Optomechanics is a broad category that includes translation stages, optomechanical components, optical mounts and construction components, mechanical devices, kits that make it easy to buy a popular set of components or a set of components that can be assembled to perform a specific function, and general laboratory supplies and tools. With our photonics module like Camera Module, Laser Module & Laser Sensor, Robot Kits that can support the product and engineering development conveniently.

  • Optomechanical Components: Optomechanical components are used to provide a variety of mounting and positioning options for a wide range of optical applications including optical mounts, posts, translation stages, or other components used to construct optical systems.

  • Optical Mounts: Optical mounts are used to secure optical components, while optical breadboards, laboratory tables, or translation stages can create work spaces in which components may be stabilized or accurately positioned.

  • Optical Elements: Optical elements are the mechanical components used as a part of optical instrument which act upon the light passing through the instrument such as the pinhole, slits, irises and apertures.

  • Accessories and Screw Kits: A wide selection of optomechanical accessories or adapters are also available to increase system compatibility, modularity, or versatility. Welcome your inquiry, please not hesitate to contact us

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Welcome your inquiry, please not hesitate to contact us .

Accessories and Screw Kits