Product Guideline

Laser Modules

We range of laser modules comprises : Red Laser Diode Modules, Green Laser Diode Modules, Blue Laser Diode Modules, Infrared Laser Diode Modules, Laser Line Modules, TTL modulated Laser Modules, VSCEL Laser Diode Modules, Laser Pattern Generator Modules. We also support Customized Laser Modules and other Laser Sensor Modules as yout requirements.

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Camera Modules and Photonic Sensor Modules

By specializing in photonics and optoelectronics fields, IAdiy offers a wide range of optical lens, image sensor module and camera module from R&D to manufacture including imaging lens, camera lens module, sensor lens module, camera sensor module and USB camera module. We also offer customization service and optical design of optical sensor modules for any kind of application.

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Optical Lenses and Optical Components

IAdiy optics division has developed s glass molded aspheric lenses, hybrid glass lenses, acrylic lenses for laser diodes, fiber optics, electro optical devices, and customized lenses for optoelectronic s applications. IAdiy's global facilities provide the most advanced electronic optics integration services & high quality optical devices including lenses, mirrors, coating filters, optical components, etc...

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Laser Diodes

We range of laser diode products comprises: 405nm, 450nm, 515nm, 520nm, 635nm, 650nm, 670nm, 780nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 870nm, 905nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1310nm, 1550nm and VSCEL laser diodes from 3mW to 2000mW. Our VCSEL laser diodes range includes 850nm, 940nm, 1310nm, 1550nm and other laser diodes products.


Laser Sensing Solutions and Robot Sensor

By specializing in photonics and optoelectronics fields, IAdiy makes use of innovative technology to provide laser sensors, robot sensors, camera sensor modules and laser sensing modules. We also integrate the laser pattern and image recognition technology to create many kinds of laser sensing solutions like laser keyboard, laser obstacle detection module, laser obstacle sensor etc...

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