Camera Lens Module

Camera Lens Module

Camera Lens Module product line: S-Mount Camera Lenses, Low Distortion Camera Lens.

As our optical expertise and manufacture experience of optics and camera lens module in the image processing and laser detection applications, we collect the standard S-mount M5 and M12 camera lens modules off the shelf with different FOV for many kinds of image sensor to our online store. We also can custom made or ODM the camera lens module, optical lenses as your applications. 

  • Camera Lens Modules, S-Mount Camera Lenses

    We provide our standard M5 and M12 camera lens modules with different view angle for different image sensor type in the online store. You can visit our optical lenses guideline accordion to find the lenses list. We also develop the low distortion wide angle camera lens using the new optical processing technology. If you have any question for the camera lens module, please not hesitate to let us know.  
  • Camera Sensor Module, Custom Camera Lens & Customized Camera Sensor Module

    Please visit our camera sensor module guideline to review the introduction of USB camera module and camera sensor module. Welcome your inquiries for technical or application issues and the custom camera lens or customized camera module requirements, please contact us.
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M12 5MP Camera Lens Module CL12P1.5: >1.5um (5MP,8MP)

Features:M12 5MP/8MP Camera Lens Module: >1.5µmSensor Type: 1/2.5", 1/3", 1/4" size suitable Lens Mount Type: M1..


M12 Camera Lens CL12P2I7: >2um(3MP), Ø7mm(1/2.7",1/3",1/4")

Features:General M12 Camera Lens Module: >2µm, Ø7mmSensor Type: ≤1/2.7", 1/3", 1/4" size suitable Lens Mount Typ..


1/6.5" VGA M5 FOV140° Sensor Lens Module CL5S6.5P3V140

Features:M5 FOV140° Camera Lens ModuleSensor Type: 1/6.5", 0.3MP / VGA (GC0308)Lens Mount Type: M5 x P0.35Elements: 2P(P..


1/6.5" VGA M5 FOV72° Sensor Lens Module CL5S6.5P3V72

Features:M5 FOV72° Camera Lens ModuleSensor Type: <1/6.5", 0.3MP / VGA (OV7251, 1/7.5")Lens Mount Type: M5 x P0.35Ele..


FOV120° Low Distortion Wide Angle Camera Lens M12 for 1/3" 4MP CL12S3P2V120

Features:M12 FOV120° Low Distortion Wide Angle LensSensor Type: 1/3", 4MP / 1520p (OV4689)Lens Mount Type: M12 x 0.5PEle..