USB Camera Module

USB Camera Module

USB Camera Module Product Line 

As our optoelectronic integration and manufacture experience of camera lens and USB camera module for the image processing and video camera applications, we have USB camera modules off the shelf from VGA to 8M pixels resolution with different FOV camera lens module option. We also can custom made or ODM the USB camera module, camera sensor module as your applications. 

  • USB Camera Module

    We provide our standard dimension size USB camera modules can support the UVC Plug & Play in the online store and some different view angle camera lens for option. If you have any question for the USB camera module, please not hesitate to let us know.  
  • Camera Modules List, or Custom Camera Lens & Camera Sensor Module

    Please visit our camera sensor module guideline to review the introduction of USB camera module and camera sensor module. Welcome your inquiries for technical or application issues and the custom made requirements, please contact us.
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1.3M Low illumination USB Camera Module – CM1.3M30M12

Features:1.3M(1280x960) Low illumination Image Sensor AR0130S-mount M12 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FL3.6mm Fixed Focu..


2M USB Auto Focus Camera Module – CM2M120M12C

Features:2M(1920x1080) FHD Image Sensor OV2710S-mount M12 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FL3.6mm Fixed Focus- Optional: F..


2M USB Camera Sensor Module – CM2M30M5C

Features:2M(1620x1220) Image Sensor HM2056S-mount M5 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FOV 120° Fixed Focus- Optional: ..


3M Full HD WDR USB Camera Module – CM3M30M12C

Features:3M(2048x1536) FHD Image Sensor AR0331S-mount M12 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FL3.6mm(64°) Fixed Focus- O..


5M High Resolution Camera Module – CM5M30M12C

Features:5M(2592x1944) Image Sensor OV5640S-mount M12 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FL2.5mm(72°) Fixed Focus- Optio..


5M USB Camera Sensor Module – CM5M30M5C

Features:5M(2592x1944) Image Sensor OV5640S-mount M5 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FOV 70° Auto FocusUVC support, P..


8M High Resolution Camera Module – CM8M30M12C

Features:8M(3264x2448) Image Sensor IMX179S-mount M12 Holder Lenses Type- Standard: FL3.6mm(65°) Fixed Focus- Optional: ..