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Red Laser Module, Green Laser Diode Module, Blue Diode Laser Module, Laser Pointer Module, Laser illumination

As our laser module product line we can provide the RGB laser module wavelength including 405nm, 450nm, 520nm, 635nm, 650nm, 660nm diode laser module, laser line generator, uniform line laser module and cross line laser module.

A laser diode module can divide the structure into 4 main sections: a laser diode, an optical lens, a laser driver circuit, mechanical properties.

Laser Safety

The main characteristics and requirements for the classification system are specified by the IEC 60825-1 standard, along with typically required warning labels. In the USA, Class 1 to Class 3R(3A) lasers are safe for consumers, while the EU requires lasers to be Class 1, 1M and Class 2, 2M for consumer products. Additionally, class 2 and higher must have the triangular warning label shown here. For more details please review laser safety.

Warning label for class 2 and higher

As the professional laser module manufacturer, IADIY standard laser modules all can fit the eye safety requirements and support the customer to apply the certification of your laser products. Welcome your inquiry, please contact us.

RGB Laser Module

Brand: IADIY
IADIY created blue laser module and white laser module based on the blue laser diode. We also provide white laser illumination, laser spot light module. The blue diode laser modules 405nm, 450nm are a..
Starting From $40.0
Brand: IADIY
As brightest visible laser, green laser modules had been widely used. Typical dot lights are applied to pointing, aiming or even marine field. Appearances of green laser can be tuned as line profiles,..
Starting From $30.0
Brand: IADIY
Red laser modules have two wavelengths optional: 635nm and 650nm diode laser module. The visibility 635nm is higher than 650nm almost 1.5~2 times for human eyes. Because the eye safety request of l..
Starting From $8.0
Brand: IADIY
Blue laser line module or called laser line generator usually is used as laser leveler. Industrial users favor 450nm laser line modules, especially at dark working environments. We specialize in provi..
Starting From $60.0
Brand: IADIY
Green laser line module or called laser line generator usually is often used as indicator, attributing to fantastic brightness feature. 520nm laser line modules are commonly adopted in medical equipme..
Starting From $40.0
Brand: IADIY
Laser line module or called laser line generator usually is used for laser leveler, laser tag in visible wavelength. The Red laser line generators have two options, 635nm and 650nm diode laser. We als..
Starting From $12.8
Brand: IADIY
Uniform Line Laser modules are prepared by integrating laser diodes with Powell Lens. To achieve best quality laser line distribution performance, optical parameters of powell len and diode laser all ..
Starting From $12.0
Custom Laser Module
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Brand: IADIY
Laser Module Naming Rule: RGB Laser Module, IR Laser Module, Line Laser Module Product Code Laser Module Dia. Color, λ(nm) Model Laser Power Las..
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