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Laser Line Module, Laser Line Generator, Cross Line Laser Module, Uniform Line Laser Module, Laser Pattern Module

As the laser line generator or laser line module based on our laser diode product line we can provide the wavelength from 405nm to 1310nm and span angle from 3 to 360 degrees. In the standard laser line module, we use the wave lens as the laser line generator and also can be the DOE for the IR line laser module. Besides the standard laser line modules listed in the online store, we also can custom-made the laser line module as per your requirements for laser line span angle, laser line width, uniform laser line power, etc...

Laser Safety

The main characteristics and requirements for the classification system are specified by the IEC 60825-1 standard, along with a typically required warning label. In the USA it is considered that Class 1 to Class 3R(3A) lasers are safe for consumers, while the EU requires lasers to be Class 1, Class 2, Class 1M, Class 2M for consumer products. Additionally, classes 2 and higher must have the triangular warning label shown here.

Warning label for class 2 and higher

As the professional laser module manufacturer, IADIY standard laser modules all can fit the eye safety requirements and support the customer to apply the certification of your laser products. Welcome your inquiry, please contact us.

Laser Line Module

Brand: IADIY
Laser line module or called laser line generator usually is used for laser leveler, laser tag in visible wavelength, uniform line laser generator and infrared laser line module most used for laser sen..
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Brand: IADIY
Infrared line laser module or called IR laser line generator usually use the invisible feature for laser sensing, laser detection or IR laser illumination. We also support custom made IR line laser mo..
Starting From $15.0
Custom Laser Module
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Brand: IADIY
Laser Module Naming Rule: RGB Laser Module, IR Laser Module, Laser Line Module Product Code Laser Module Dia. Color, λ(nm) Model Laser Power Las..
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