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Laser sensor modules, Laser distance measuring modules, Laser rangefinder modules for distance, displacement, position measurement and 3D detection.

Laser distance meters replaces the traditional tape measure way. The non-contact measurement method brings users the advantages of accuracy, speed, and digitization. It has been widely used in industrial automation, robotics, military, construction site construction, interior decoration, etc.

Products Dimensions Application
Point Laser Distance
Point 1D - Z laser range finders, laser distance meters, distance/speed detection devices, laser measuring
Line Laser Distance
Line 2D - X, Z Surface scan, Contour scan, Obstacle Avoidance
Tof Camera Module
Surface 3D- X, Y, Z Motion capture, Object modeling, Self-driving, People counting
LIDAR Sensor
Circle 2D - X, Y Map Scan, Map Modeling, Smart vehicle system

IADIY provides laser distance measuring modules and laser range finder modules with a standard interface RS-232 and Bluetooth options making the development and programing of your own customized application very easy and convenient. We have integrated those key components and major functions in one single compact module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

IADIY also can support any custom modification based on our standard modules and can provide ODM services for laser distance measurers. For any requirement of laser distance modules or laser range finder modules please contact us.

Laser Sensors

Product ID: Compact-Laser-Distance-Sensor-Module
Compact Laser Distance Sensor Module unique compact design is perfectly matched for all indoor distance measuring requirements. Possible laser distanc..
Starting From $60.0
Product ID: Laser-Range-Finder-module
IADIY develop the laser distance sensor modules from 20m to hundred meters laser range finder for the different distance measurement applications with..
Starting From $100.0
Product ID: RS232-to-USB-Convert-Cable
Through the RS232-USB converter cable can transfer the RS232 interface to USB port to work like a HID(Human Interface Device) class USB device. The So..
Starting From $10.0