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Genix Lite

Genix Lite
Genix Lite
Genix Lite
Genix Lite

Genix Lite is a replacement for any filter out in the market, with 99.8 sanctifications proven by SGS. It easily KILLS organic molecules without producing harmful substances.

Friendly bracket design

User interface

Three mode for difference environment 

Why traditional air filter is useless?

Genix KILLS viruses and bacteria and filters only filters out harmful substances which flow back to the atmosphere after turning off the machine 

For more information about traditional air filters vs Genix, please visit Genix VS Traditional Filter.

What’s inside Genix and how does it work? 

The principle of Genix is by turning photocatalyst into super oxidizing hydroxyl radicals under the energy of UVC light, which in turn breaks down organic compounds into water and carbon dioxide. 

For more information about UV rays, please visit Difference of UV Radiation.

Dimension 90x90x40mm (Bracket 70mm)
Weight 200g
Input 5V / 1.5A / 7.5W
Environment Attributes
Applicable Space ≈5m2
Temperature Working temperature: 0~50°C
Genix Lite

Key Properties

- Input volatge: 5V
- Input current: 1.5A
- Power Consumption: 7.5W
- USB pwoer cord: Type-C
- Size: 90x90x40mm (Bracket 70mm)
- Applicable Space: <10m3



- Effective Sterilization - Will not release virus back into the air after shutting down
- Safe Usage - Patented Appliance, UVC tightly-packed
- Lite Design - Compact and Portable, enjoy fresh air everywhere you go
- Zero Waste - Combining UVC and Photocatalysis technology
- Ultra Silent Mode - Suitable for sleep, study, work, etc.
- Car Mode - Turn off seamlessly as car turns off

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  • Deliver Time: Available, 7~21 Days
  • Product ID: Genix-L

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