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Laser Sensor: Laser Distance Sensor, Laser Displacement Sensor, Laser Obstacle Sensor, 3D ToF Camera

As our laser sensors and optoelectronic expertise and experience of laser detection applications, camera module and laser sensors: the laser distance sensor, 2D laser displacement sensor, 3D depth sensor, laser obstacle sensor, laser range finder module, laser detection sensors, image recognition and 3D TOF camera for R&D development. Our laser sensor mainly use ToF and Triangulation technology.

Time of Flight (ToF): ToF sensor is the measurement of the time taken by photons to travel between two points to calculate the distance. With different wavelength laser, ToF sensor can use in indoor and outdoor environments. Because the measurement error is 0.5~1% at all distances, so ToF sensor is suitable for long-distance application but not for short distance.  

Triangulation: Triangulation is focus laser on the measured object and use a sensor to monitor the light point. If the distance between the measured object and the sensor changes, also the angel of the light point monitoring will change. The Triangulation have high accuracy but the measurement error is proportional to distance, so Triangulation is suitable for short-distance application.

Customize: We also can custom made or ODM/OJM the functional laser sensor module and laser measuring device as your requirements. Please visit our laser sensing device web page to find the suitable one or contact us to let us know your requirements.

Laser Distance Sensor

Brand: IADIY
Compact Laser Distance Sensor Module unique compact design is perfectly matched for all indoor distance measuring requirements. Possible laser distance sensor application includes robotics, equipment ..
Starting From $60.0
Brand: IADIY
IADIY develop the laser distance sensor modules from 20m to hundred meters laser range finder for the different distance measurement applications with compact size easily modified to match different a..
Starting From $100.0
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