Camera Sensor Module Guideline

 Camera Sensor Modules: Image Sensor Module, Camera Board, Camera Module, USB Camera Module

Laser Module

IAdiy offers a wide range of camera lens module, camera board, image sensor module, camera module and USB camera module solutions from R&D to manufacture, including spherical lenses, aspheric lenses, imaging lens, camera lens modules, sensor lens modules, image sensor modules, image camera modules, camera boards, camera sensor modules and USB camera modules. We also offer custom services and provide optical design, camera board and camera module for any kind of application. Please contact us for more inquiries about our optical and camera sensor module devices.


Camera Module, USB Camera Module Product ID Naming Rule:

Product Code Pixels Speed Lens Type Sensor Type
CM: USB Camera Module VGA: 0.3M Highest Frame Rate M5 C:Color / Q:Square
CS: Camera Sensor Module

1.3M (Mega) 30: 30fps M12 L:Slender Size
SM: Image Sensor Module 5M (Mega) 60: 60fps VF: Veriable Focus S:Small Size


Camera Modules: USB Camera Module, Camera Sensor Module and Camera Board Guideline

        The camera modules product list in the accordion below, you can click to open the table list and review the related parameters to choose the item for the hiperlink.

USB Camera Modules List

IAdiy integrate the image sensor of advantage features for the diiferent application and enviroment requirements, with the optional camera lens module for optical resolution, view angle, wave length and enviroment requirements etc. to modulize assembly for the engineering or DIY development. We also integrated the sensor driver and interface to support the USB, Linux, Android and popular processor providing the convenient development resource for your design. If you have the custom requirments also can contact us for the related technical support based on our product line.


Product ID Pixels  fps Type I/O pdf Buy
CM03M30M5S 0.3M, VGA 30 M5 USB
CM03M120M5S 0.3M, VGA 120 M5 USB
CM2M30M5L 2M 30 M5 USB
CM5M30M5L 5M 30 M5 USB
CM03M60M12Q 0.3M, VGA 60 M12 USB
CM1.3M60M12C 1.3M 60 M12 USB
CM2M120M12C 2M 120 M12 USB
CM3M30M12C 3M 30 M12 USB
CM5M30M12C 5M 30 M12 USB
CM8M30M12C 8M 30 M12 USB


Camera Sensor Modules List

IAdiy design the camera sensor modules with different image sensor and FOV camera lens. The typical camera lens module is designed using M5 lens holder for our standard camera sensor modules and standard interface for ROW data or mipi format. It's cost effective and convenient for image data processing for sensor applications. The compact size and optional cmera lens modules can support your development as you need like laser senosr, image recognition, IOT, portable video, infrared laser detection and robot sensor applications etc... You can check the list below to find as you need.  


Product ID Pixels  fps Type I/O pdf Buy
CS03M30M5C1 0.3M 30 M5 RAW
CS03M30M5C2 0.3M 30 M5 RAW
CS4M90M12C1 4M 90 M12 RAW


Camera Module Introduction

Camera Module Structure - Image Sensor + Camera lens + Sensor Driver

Our manufacturing facilities provide optics and optoelectronic modules design services and contractual manufacturing of photonic electro-optical subsystems, optical lenses, complex laser, camera module and image processing systems. We disposes of an unsurpassed design and development capacity, comprising an in-house optics division, an integrated circuit design division and an optical, mechanical and electrical integration division making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial designs and manufacturing responsibilities to a highly qualified and trusted partner. As the camera module structure, we divide into 4 main sections:

- an image sensor

- a camera lens module + optical filer(optinial)

- sensor driver and interface


1. Image Sensor:

Image sensor is the key part of camera sensor module. It decides the major optoelectronic parameters and feature including image pixels and resolution, frame rate(image response time), S/N ratio, dynamic range, sensitivity, minimum illumination, special function and control command support, and the electrontics features like interface, driving voltage and current, etc...  


2. Camera Lens Module + Optical Filter

Main characteristics of camera lens: diameter size, image circle(image size for sensor), FOV(field view angle), pixel resolution, F-number, distortion, materials(glass or plastic) for the reliability if special requirements.


3. Sensor Driver and Interface

The sensor driver is a necessary pare for driving the sensor to work and connect to the processor. It's a software program can be controled by the processor need to consider what processor the driver can support and the interface to the processor and data format you want. Because there too many kinds processor and the driver programed for each different one. You'd better choose the image sensor there's the driver version for your processor. If you really need the special camera module features requirement for the processor without driver support, you can contact us to ask whether can custom program or other suggestion. We'd like to find a suitable solution for your requirements.


Optical Design and Manufacture

Optical Design Manufacturing Service - Optics and Photonic Elecro-optical Development


Our manufacturing facilities provide optics and product design services and contractual manufacturing of photonic electro-optical subsystems, complex laser and optical systems. We disposes of an unsurpassed design and development capacity, comprising an in-house optics division, an integrated circuit design division and an optical, mechanical and electrical integration division making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial designs and manufacturing responsibilities to a highly qualified and trusted partner.




Laser Pattern - DOE, HOE and Diffusers


We offer custom design service with high performances to support your needs for specific laser patterns. DOE, HOE and Diffusers designs for complex laser patterns or diffraction spots precise manipulation are achieved through our computational design methods and wafer-based technology
  • Technical support for your optical systems
  • Custom laser pattern designs
  • Prototypes at reasonable costs


Glass Molded Aspheric Lenses


The glass molded aspherical lenses are not only able to correct aberrations through one singlet lens but also display a smaller size, higher performances, and ensure a more stable quality control in during mass production compared to the traditional ground lenses. Thanks to a state of art Precision Glass Molding (PGM) technology, we provide glass molded aspherical lenses with:
  • Competitive cost
  • Good quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Optical design and simulation
  • In-process testing and machine inspection


Moded Plastic Asphric Lenses


Our plastic molded aspheric lenses were designed for laser and spherical aberration elimination with high light-gathering, efficiency in condensing, high power, high precision, and high environment reliability required applications.
We have an extensive experience in developing excellent manufacturing process of plastic molded aspheric lens, in designing and offering cost-effective optical solutions for your individual demands.


  • Optical design and support
  • Rapid prototype
  • Fast and dependable volume production at affordable price


Optical Coating Filter


Our custom optical coating services with precision optical coating technology are available to support all your applications in Fluorescence microscopy, Spectroscopy, wavelength selectors and other related optical fields. Our coating services includes anti-reflective coating, beam-splitter coatings, filter coatings, high-reflector coatings, reducing internal and external surface reflection through single-layer to broadband multilayer coatings. Other types of coating are also available upon customers’ requirement.

  • Optical design and optical coatings
  • Short lead time
  • Constant quality at top-level
  • In-house tool design and manufacture

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Camera Modules List: Camera sensor module, USB camera module

Camera Sensor Module Guideline introduces IADIY's image sensor modules, camera sensor modules and USB camera modules product line for convenient search and comparison by sensors and camera modules features of the list. You can open the guideline accordions to review the list and related image sensor module, camera module and USB camera module introduction and explanation.


More camera modules and camera sensor modules with different camera lens module for optical requirements and image sensor module options are available additionally to the standard types. We also support the custom made camera modules, image sensor module and laser sensors as your requirements. Please send your requirements to us or leave the measage in comment below. We'll reply to you soon!

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Mu elmas:
06/09/2018, 11:48:28 AM,

interested in 2d ingaas focal plane area camera modules, Mu elmas

Mark Greenewitz:
30/01/2020, 11:00:06 AM


Richard Sleeth:
20/09/2018, 08:54:12 PM

I am looking to build an experimental image capturing system. I am wanting to use a total of 100 20 mp cmos sensors. I am needing to be able to capture still images, video, and time lapsed images. I am wanting to be arrange them so that all of the sensors are focused on a single focal point. I feel that this would allow me to take advantage of traditional optical technology. Would you please advise me on the best possible options for this project?

Dison Hu:
22/09/2018, 11:17:43 PM

Hello Richard: As your description I think the major point would be the camera lens. The camera lens can be designed to focus at the point and catch the image you want. Then another issue would be the image solution and data rate. Using the suitable camera lens to get the range of image point then we can select the suitable image sensor and process it as our purpose to transfer it to the image data. So I'll need more details about your application like the point diameter dimension size: ~mm or ~cm, how detail resolution: ~um pixel? and image data transfer rate ~fps(frame rate per second, if still image would be much easier for processor)? You can email to us, then we can give you the possible solutions. Thanks! Dison

Tiago Serra:
28/03/2019, 09:05:38 AM,

Hi, I’m searching for a solution where I’m able to create many visible laser beams and detect if those beams get interrupted (a person interrupting the light). Maybe a simple laser and a photoresistor is all I need, but wanted some feedback from experts :) Thank you in advance.

Dison Hu:
10/04/2019, 12:47:07 AM

Hello, Tiago: Yes, I think the simple sensor like photo diode should be enough for laser beam detection. For some applications detecting the lase beam at far distance need big size sensor for laser alignment or draft issue, you may also can consider the solar panel. Because big size photo sensor price would be dramatic much high. Then solar panel would be another good solution for big size and cost because economic scale.

Endra S:
29/03/2019, 01:36:46 AM

Hi, I've quite basic question (new to camera stuff) Kindly tell us significance of Camera megapixel and Display screen resolution(on which the captured images are shown) and how selection of these 2 modules should be done. In continuation to above, kindly educate us on : If we choose the high Megapixel camera but display screen is of low resolution will the image quality degrade? Bheru

Endra S:
29/03/2019, 01:38:49 AM

We'll need an Auto-focus camera module, range of target object up-to 200 feet.

Dison Hu:
10/04/2019, 01:01:58 AM

Hi Endra: The camera sensor and display you can separate them as independent components. The interface usually would be connected by the processor and software. The program will transfer the suitable resolution image size format to the display. If the resolution pixel size is not less than the display, you are right usually the image quality would degrade or down size the image. So I'll suggest most application for pair better choose camera image pixel higher than display. As auto-focus camera module up to 200 feet, it would be another kind camera lens module depends on your application and requirements may like like FOV, magnification rate, we can support to modify changing the lens as suitable one for the compatible sensor but custom made. If you are interested, you can send inquiry of your requirements to the sales. Thanks!

Zsigmond Sipos:
24/07/2019, 04:29:52 PM,

Hi, Any ideas on building your own VOC sensor ? I'm wondering if a portable LASER VOC sensor ( including very low VOC ) can be built that senses up to 100 feet ? Any ideas regarding parts or possibilities I need it for health reasons. Or if it's possibly to build a camera to see very low VOCs ? up to 100 feet. Thank you. Sincerely Zsigmond

Zhijia Chen:
24/02/2020, 04:06:07 PM

Hello, I would like to know what is the minimum measurement range of the camera CM3M30M12C? I am looking for a camera module that has a minimum measurement range of less than 1cm. Thank you.

Dison Hu:
09/03/2020, 10:52:50 AM

The minimum measurement range should depends on the object focal distance of camera lens. You may need to change another lens can adjust the focal distance to 1cm, usually we call this kind lens as micro distance lens for your reference.

23/07/2020, 06:22:48 AM

hi I was wondering your product can be used under the electromagnetic fields? I wanna measure the pupil of the animal under MRI scanner, so the right device must be isolated from the electromagnetic field or don't have metal pieces thanks in advance

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