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09 Sep Genix VS Traditional Filter
0 134
            There are different kinds of filters out in the market but you don’t know which one to buy? H..
20 Aug Electromagnetic Spectrum 0 188
What is Electromagnetic Spectrum? Electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies of ele..
20 Aug Difference of UV Radiation 0 273
        So what are UV rays?            UV rays stand for Ultraviolet rays, it is a form of energy that i..
01 Jul Refractive Index for Different Wavelength in Different Material
0 120
It is Isaac Newton published the refraction phenomenon for the light pass through a prism on 1672, that e..
20 May Custom Camera Module Requirements Flow 0 258
Camera module customized process insight With hundreds of thousands of camera module application, the st..
06 May Agriculture 4.0 0 184
The scientific use of light enables a fine-tuned vegetation parameters in applications of preventing from..
06 May Photodynamic therapy (PDT) 0 107
Photosensitizers activated by a specific wavelength of light produce cytotoxic species to destroy cancero..
06 May In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) 0 111
Many diagnoses are based on the use of optics, such as fluorescence, Raman, luminescence and etc. The cus..
06 May Light assisted 3D bioprinting 0 91
Organ shortage and the consequent high cost are becoming serious concerns, driving the 3D bioprinting dev..
06 May Light therapy 0 97
To simulate sunlight-like lighting at home, while filtering out most of UV rays. It could relieve gloomy ..
06 May PPG  wearable devices 0 88
Photoplethysmogram (PPG) measures blood volume changes in blood vessels. The changes reflect the heart ra..
04 May Photocatalytic sterilization 0 91
Light absorbed by photocatalytic materials to generate free radicals, which is cytotoxic. It has been app..
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