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Robot Store product line: Robot Kits, Robot Sensors, Robot Cars & DIY Robots. 

As our robot sensors and optoelectronic expertise and integration experience of robot sensors, camera module and laser sensors for the image processing, recognition, laser sensing, robot SLAM and navigation applications, we release off the shelf robot sensors, laser obstacle sensor, SLAM LIDAR unit, 3D TOF sensor, and VR camera module etc...  for robotics engineering development. We also can custom made or ODM/OJM the functional sensor module and subsystem unit as your applications. Please visit our robot store web page to find the suitable one or contact us to let us know your requirements.

Our online standard robot DIY kits, robot cars and robot sensors briefly describe as follows:

  • Robot Kits

    The robot kits provide related parts for the robot function and robot DIY to create your own robot or robot applications.
  • Robot Sensor Modules

    The robot sensor modules we develop major by photonics sensing technology as laser sensing, optoelectronic sensor, and image processing, robot vision for robot sensor applications. 
  • Robot Cars, DIY Robots

    We also provide the robot cars and DIY robots set for training and development. 
  • Customized Robot Sensor or Functional Module

    If you need modification based on our robot sensors or develop the new functional module for robot applications, we also can support the custom made robot kits, robot sensors or functional module. Please not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your inquiries for technical or application issues. Please contact us.
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Features:LIDAR SLAM Robot Car ROS-01ROS Source Code support- Programming: Python, C Language support- Respberry Pi main ..

$450.0 $399.0