Access Control System with Camera Module

Applications and solutions

As a business owner, we do care a lot about consumer's identity, background, and demands. These data could be a game changer for any business. Research indicates that a buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they'll provoked to take an action, which is also referred as the "Seven rule". To make things happen, a follow up work is needed to keep in touch with customers. We need to track down every person who visits the shop lot to avoid losing potential customers. What makes the work difficult is that most people are impatient when asked to fill in a complicated form. By simply implementing a python code combining some little components, we will try to create an multi camera embedded system that captures image/video right after it detects a QR code/barcode around it. Although the embedded system is small in size, but it is very complete in every detail.

How does it work?

The system will be installed nearby the entrance of the shop lot. The camera will be standing by face in front of the entrance door and capture every face that enters the shop lot. The system is so small and unnoticeable, it is also portable enough and adjustable to any desired position.

1. camera 1 scans detectable QR code
2. camera 2 captures image
3. User interface 
4. Processors creates image file

Why embedded systems?

Higher dependable & trustworthy system
Compared to an employee, an embedded systems are always on call and available anytime, anywhere. Besides that, computer reduces human errors, it does not make mistakes if programmed properly. We all knew that computers are able to overcome most of physical human limits, such as achieving higher precision and better accuracy. Embedded system has non-volatile memory to store customer's information, rather than being done with writing down on a paper.

A more convenient procedure
With the aid of the embedded system, we collect information by using cameras, so there isn't any close contact needed in the whole data collecting process, and no customer will get annoyed at all.

Cost avoidance method
Instead of hiring an employee to do such repetitive and boring stuff, we strongly recommend installing a simple embedded system to take over the task. Humans are born creative, and they should be in charge of some other complex jobs.
Based on these outstanding features, we can conclude that the system will generate much more efficiency.

Hardware  models
Camera 1 CM2M30M5L
Camera 2 CM2M120M12Q
Processor Raspberry Pi Model B