Optical Design Manufacturing Service - Optics and Photonic Elecro-optical Development

Our manufacturing facilities provide optics and product design services and contractual manufacturing of photonic electro-optical subsystems, complex laser and optical systems. We disposes of an unsurpassed design and development capacity, comprising an in-house optics division, an integrated circuit design division and an optical, mechanical and electrical integration division making us the ideal choice for clients who wish to outsource crucial designs and manufacturing responsibilities to a highly qualified and trusted partner.

Laser Pattern - DOE, HOE and Diffusers

We offer custom design service with high performances to support your needs for specific laser patterns. DOE, HOE and Diffusers designs for complex laser patterns or diffraction spots precise manipulation are achieved through our computational design methods and wafer-based technology

  • Technical support for your optical systems
  • Custom laser pattern designs
  • Prototypes at reasonable costs

Glass Molded Aspheric Lenses

The glass molded aspherical lenses are not only able to correct aberrations through one singlet lens but also display a smaller size, higher performances, and ensure a more stable quality control in during mass production compared to the traditional ground lenses. Thanks to a state of art Precision Glass Molding (PGM) technology, we provide glass molded aspherical lenses with:

  • Competitive cost
  • Good quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Optical design and simulation
  • In-process testing and machine inspection

Moded Plastic Asphric Lenses

Our plastic molded aspheric lenses were designed for laser and spherical aberration elimination with high light-gathering, efficiency in condensing, high power, high precision, and high environment reliability required applications.

We have an extensive experience in developing excellent manufacturing process of plastic molded aspheric lens, in designing and offering cost-effective optical solutions for your individual demands.


  • Optical design and support
  • Rapid prototype
  • Fast and dependable volume production at affordable price

Optical Coating Filter

Our custom optical coating services with precision optical coating technology are available to support all your applications in Fluorescence microscopy, Spectroscopy, wavelength selectors and other related optical fields. Our coating services includes anti-reflective coating, beam-splitter coatings, filter coatings, high-reflector coatings, reducing internal and external surface reflection through single-layer to broadband multilayer coatings. Other types of coating are also available upon customers’ requirement.


  • Optical design and optical coatings
  • Short lead time
  • Constant quality at top-level
  • In-house tool design and manufacture

Optical, Photonic, Optoelectronic Systems and Solutions Development

With decades of experience in laser technology, optics, semiconductors, electronics, precision molding and mechanics, Our engineering facilities have specialized in designing and developing complex optoelectronic systems, making us a trustworthy partner for our clients who are seeking for high-performance designs and precision manufacturing capabilities. Our product range includes: virtual keyboards, laser range finders, and laser scanning systems


  • System analysis
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Optical, mechanical and electronic design
  • Prototype design and fabrication

Optics, Photonics, Optoelectronics Products Design Manufacturing

In addition to strong capabilities in offering system development services, we also provides services for complex in-house assemblies of photonic electro-optical systems which maintain outstanding product quality standards. We have a wealth of practical experience of in supplying components, sourcing on your behalf, or managing a supply chain with your suppliers to meet your requirement for volume production.


  • Optical design and coating
  • Tooling, fixture design and manufacturing
  • From prototype to volume production
  • Outsourcing management
  • Assembly services
  • Quality and reliability system set up

Optical Mechanics, Precision Mechanical Parts, Optoelectronic Modules Assembly

Our molding services combine with our hard tooling solutions perfectly. Our molds are manufactured using a state-of-the-art processing technology that offers to our customers to a rapid process to prototyping e, bridging, and short production runs, and that allows us to produce molds with cost control to for low volume production runs.


  • Rapid tooling
  • Customers own the injection mold
  • Proven quality
  • From prototype to production