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Laser Head, Laser Processing Head, Industrial Laser Head

As the key component, laser processing heads are widely used in the industrial application, such as laser cutting, laser engraving, laser cleaning, laser welding and even 3D printing. They could transfer sufficient energy to the target by focusing the laser beam to the right working distance.

Shorter working distance gives smaller spot size.

3 Key Parameters to Choose the Laser Processing Heads

Laser Power: The higher power the laser head is, the easier process they will be. However, over expose would cause unexpected damage to the target, and affect the target in both performance and outlook.

Wavelength: The shorter the wavelength of laser head is, the more energy the photon would be. Besides, materials which is transparent to the wavelength would be no affect to the laser beam. It would help to make a selective-process in the laser processing system.

Spot Size: The spot size differs from different application of laser head. Smaller spot size makes the process be more precisely while slow down the duration.

Laser Head, Laser Processing Head, Industrial Laser Head Naming Rule: example LH 1064 P0200 S 01

Product Code Laser Head Wavelength Laser Head Power P(W) Spot Size Diameter Serial No.
LH:  0405 : 405nm P0050: 50W
S: < 100um
Laser Processing Head 0450: 450nm
P0200: 200W
M: 100-200um 01:99
1064: 1064nm P1000: 1000W L: > 200um

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Laser Processing Heads

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