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Blue Laser Module

Blue Laser Module

IADIY created blue laser module and white laser module based on the blue laser diode. We also provide white laser illumination, laser spot light module. The blue diode laser modules 405nm, 450nm are available from 5mw to 5W. 

Here list the standard blue diode laser module. 

Product ID Dia.
λ(nm) Type
Pattern pdf Buy
LM8B405H1D 8mm 405 H <1mw Dot
LM8B405H5D 8mm 405 H <5mw Dot
LM8B405H10D 8mm 405 H <10mw Dot
LM8B450H1D 8mm 450 H <1mw Dot
LM8B450H5D 8mm 450 H <5mw Dot
LM8B450H10D 8mm 450 H <10mw Dot
LM8B450H30D 8mm 450 H <30mw Dot
LM9B450H30L 9mm 450 H <30mw
LM8B450H80D 8mm 450 H <80mw Dot
LM9B450H80L 9mm 450 H <80mw Line

Note: Above not listed or custom laser module, laser illumination module, please contact us.

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Outline dimensions:

Blue Laser Module


Blue Laser Module: 405nm, 450nm 
Diameter: D8mm, D9mm
Voltage: 3V DC
Output Power:
Laser Pattern: Dot, Line
Line Angle: 30°, 60°, 90°, 110°

Laser Safety


Starting From $40.0
  • Deliver Time: Materials in Stock, 2~3 Weeks
  • Product ID: Blue-Laser-Module

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We also support custom made service as your requirements.

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