Laser Sensing Technologies & Solutions

With decades of experience in laser technology, optics, semiconductors, electronics, precision molding and mechanics, our engineering facilities specialize in designing and developing complex optoelectronic systems, making us the trustworthiest partner for our clients who are seeking high-performance designs and precision manufacturing capabilities. The following examples include laser keyboard, laser obstacle sensing module, Air Touch display and sensing system, laser range finders, and laser distance measuring modules.

Thanks to our expertise in the fields of photonics and optoelectronics, we have developed complete and high precision solutions for laser sensing with the latest technologies. We have developed specific laser sensing modules for applications in robotics, such as objects monitoring, obstacle dodging, 3D image recognition. We integrate high resolution cameras with laser pattern projection modules into an image processing module in order to achieve a compact complete solution. These solutions are all very convenient for use in laser sensing applications, capturing images features or for 3D image data processing.

Laser Keyboard

As our laser sensor technique can detect the object precise position with the projecting laser keyboard pattern to create very compact laser vertual keyboard. With their sleek style and compact layout, the laser keyboards streamline users experience with a state-of-the-art technology and versatile functionalities. Based on sophisticated technology similar to motion sensing techniques, it captures even the tiniest and swiftest fingers movements through IR laser detection and accurately transmit them to host devices without losing to any traditional keyboard. They feature Bluetooth connectivity, thereby avoiding cable clutters and enhancing the portability. Ingenious hot keys allows immediate adjustment of the laser projection brightness, the beep sounds, the sensitivity and, most amazingly, can transform the laser keyboard into a virtual touch pad supporting most common gestures.

Obstacle Detection Laser Sensor

Thanks to the high performances of the DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) that can transform a laser beam into any specific pattern. We have designed a patented infrared laser module including a compact camera. This laser obstacle sensing module can detect the objects placed in front of it, calculate their shape and distance, which makes it perfect for integration in robotics, or autonomous moving vehicles to its obstacle dodging and laser mapping functions. LOS1V110F30 laser obstacle sensor integrates the laser line generator using our own designed DOE for linear uniformity of laser intensity and triangular image process to simplify and increase the recognition for obstacle sensing in X-Z plane. -- Laser Sensor Guideline

Air Touch Display and Laser Sensing System

Our Air Touch technology is a complete solution that integrates a floating image plate for display in the air and a laser sensing module for detection. The User can adapt the Air Touch system to create customized video or animated material for interactive contents. The contents are displayed into the air without any medium (floating image) or any other display or device. Then the laser sensing functions are adjusted for real time hand gesture interaction without the need to touch anything. The Air Touch solution is well valued for applications where direct contact or space occupation can be issues, such as security, medical environment, industrial environment, public area use, car HUD (Head Up Display) etc...

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Laser Range Finder and Laser Distance Measuring Modules

Laser rangefinder modules are extensively used in laser rangefinders, distance meters, distance/speed detection devices and management applications. The laser rangefinder modules comprise 6 major electro-optical components:

  • Laser diodes
  • Laser collimator
  • Receiver lenses
  • Photo sensors
  • Signal processing IC
  • Laser drivers

The Laser collimator minimizes the divergence angle of a laser beam to obtain a brilliant pointing accuracy. The Receiver lens receives the reflected laser beam before directing it to the photo sensor. Then integrate all the components in one single module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly.

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