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Collimating Lens - Dia. ≥12.0mm

Collimating Lens - Dia. ≥12.0mm
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The laser collimator, or collimator lens, are optical elements which focus or de-focus the laser beams, or just focus at infinity with little or no parallax. For different uses, They are designed in different diameters and different focal distances to fit optical mechanism. General speaking, the longer the focal length is, the better collimating it would be for diode laser. It is because the diode laser lase the Gaussian Beam.

Here under list products with diameter ≥12mm.

Product ID Dia.
Focal Length N.A.
Div. Angle
CO15FL11.24 15 11.24 0.62 63.5° 6.83
unit : mm

Note: We provide standard AR coating within 400-700nm or 600-1050nm. For customized coating, please contact us.

Outline dimensions:

Collimating Lens - Dia. ≥12.0mm
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10 or more $15.0
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200 or more $9.0
1000 or more $6.0
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  • Product ID: Collimating Lens - Dia. ≥ 12mm

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