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Goniometer Tilt Stages

Goniometer Tilt Stages


◆ Platform Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm

◆ Tilt Axis: θx, θx-θy
◆ Travel Range: ±10°, ±15°
◆ Driving Method: Warm Screw
◆ Accuracy: ≒ 0.01°


As tilt stages, the Goniometer Stages provide larger tilt angle in comparison with standard tilt stages. The max tilt angle in one dimension is ±15°.

On the other hand, the Goniometer Stages are specially designed for X-Y stages tilted along a spherical surface with the same center point when we join them together. It helps to improve the reproducibility in the optical experiment.


The estimated lead time will be 5-10 days. For detailed lead time, please contact us.

Goniometer Tilt Stages
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