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SaniLuc module - 60x60mm

SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm

The SaniLuc module is the crystallization of IADIY's combination of photoelectric and mechanical technology. It uses UVC ultraviolet rays and nanosilver photocatalyst to achieve high-efficiency sterilization effects. 

SaniLuc module provide two type of option: 
Premium and Cost Effective

Product IDType
UVC LED Quantity
Photocatalyst Mesh
SL60CECost Effective
Modularize Design
Modularize design can be combined to different dimension size for product development easily. Parallel combined can increase effective area, erticalcombined can improve sterilization efficiency.
Evaluation Kit
We also provide 
SaniLuc Kit for evaluation and development.


  • Non traditional filter technology, truly effective sterilization (click here for Filter vs SaniLuc)
  • Zero Waste, effective for life without consumables
  • Safe usage, patented mechanical design, UVC tight packaging (click here for patent Information)
  • Series and parallel mechanism extension design
  • SGS certification

SGS Test Report:

 Aspergillus brasiliensis sterilization report

 Formaldehyde decomposing report

 Nicotine decomposing report

 Staphylococcus aureus elimination report

SaniLuc Module
Dimesion 67.8 x 67.8 x 23 mm
Weight Premium: 35g
Cost Effective: 28g
LED Driving Voltage 7.0~7.2V
Operation current 120~150mA per LED
Power Consumption 0.8W per LED
UVC Wavelength 265nm ~ 275nm
UVC Light Intensity 15mW per LED
Radian Irradiation 1.5 mW/cm2 per LED
UVC LED Quantity Premium: 4pcs
Cost Effective: 2pcs
Effective Space of one module 12m3 for 1.5~2cycle in 30min
Operating Temperature - 40°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C to + 85°C
SaniLuc module - 60x60mm


- Module scale: 60x60mm
- Module type: Premium, Cost Effective
- UVC LED quantity: 4 for Premium, 2 for Cost Effective
- Photocatalyst Mesh: 2 pics
- GH1.25 connector for UVC LED PCBA

- LED Driving Voltage: 7.0~7.2V
- Power Consumption per LED: 0.8W
- Effective Space of one module:
  12 cubic meter for 1.5~2cycle in 30min


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  • Product ID: SL60

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